Specialist Legal Services for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies perform a wide array of functions that involve a number of legal consequences across various operational areas. Accutor AG, provides specialist legal services for Recruitment agencies with the help of well researched mechanisms and thorough legal research.

Contract lifecycle Management

The formation, execution and implementation of contracts are equally important in creating contractual obligations between the parties. The legal team at Accutor take proactive steps in managing contracts right from the stage of its creation till registration as well as renewals. In doing so, we follow the below steps:

  • Create a safe, secure and easily accessible place to store all the contracts
  • Auto tracking contracts that are up for renewal and review
  • Analyze and include all the necessary elements and clauses in the making of the contract
  • Working with the in-house legal teams to create contracts based on the pre-approved templates, that are user friendly for individuals and business users
  • Contract approvals process and delegation to the right people 
  • Validating, and storing signed copies and analyzing of contracts (after signature) for risks and exposure

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Specialized legal services offered by Accutor for Recruitment agencies

Establishment of trade with international partners: All the necessary compliances for international partnership both on the domestic and international front, including tax compliance and compliance with employment law of respective country. 

Immigration and Employment:

Unfortunately, Contracts and Agreements between parties can sometimes lead to disagreements. Litigation is an expensive and time - consuming way of resolving disputes. Accutor's Alternative Dispute Resolution service (ADR) is a specialised mediation method which has:

  • Please see Accutor Immigration Law Consultancy
  • Please see Accutor Expatriate Tax and International Mobility

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Arbitration, negotiation and mediation are most sought after methods of dispute resolution. Accutor AG acts as a “third party facilitator”, for organizing and planning the process of mediation between the parties.

Note: The role of Accutor is that of a Third party Facilitator, as distinguished from a Third party Director of proceedings

Intellectual property Rights

The Legal Specialist team at Accutor provides consultancy in matters pertaining to Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights that are of particular significance to Recruitment agencies and Corporations as well.

Key Benefits of Accutor Specialist Legal Services

  • Highly qualified team of international lawyers
  • Legal Services clients include Fortune 500 corporations & small firms
  • Specialists in international Work Permit & Business Visa regulations
  • Primary focus on contracts relating to globally mobile Contractors / Freelancers & taxation
  • Expertise in ADR to reduce costs and ensure faster resolutions

Two Thirds of Respondents Believed that


Of Disputes Can Be Settled By ADR (*ADR Practitioners Survey, UK)

Accutor Specialist Legal Services:

  • Contract Law
  • Employment Law
  • International Tax Law, including Expatriate Taxation
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law