Recruitment Options

Recruitment agencies can outsource their recruiting needs in order to keep up with the evolving business requirements. In doing so, they can keep their costs under control by reducing overheads, explore newer possibilities as well as focus on work-life balance. Some of the recruitment options that all recruitment agencies opt for include:

  • Self employed consultant option
  • Retained Services option
  • Personal Service company option

Self Employed Option

The services of an independent contractor/freelancer are engaged by Accutor to carry out the HR responsibilities. The working relationship between Accutor and a self-employed recruiter works as hereunder:

  • The recruiter is hired by the most appropriate Accutor Management Company as required under the labor leasing regulations and to meet our internal legal/process requirements
  • Accutor will arrange for the necessary work permit/business visas and sponsorships and our legal team will manage contracts/ensures compliances
  • The recruiter’s time is leased by Accutor to client, after which he forwards all the approved timesheets and expenses to Accutor.
Whilst Accutor,
  • Confirms timesheets and expenses and sends invoices
  • Calculates all taxes, pension contributions, focusing primarily on maximum legal retention/tax management
  • Processes paperwork for taxes and pension contribution after due deductions
  • Transfers maximized retention amount to the recruiter’s bank account 

Retained Services Option

Corporations can engage the services of Accutor for all the Recruitment functions and establish partnership through their unique retained services option. Accutor will make placement of employees with clients, who will operate on exclusive basis for a fixed fee. The process between Accutor and its client is as follows:

  • Accutor will sign an agreement with its client for the placement and recruitment consultancy service
  • Accutor will take care of all the processes and formalities pertaining to work permit, business visa as well as ensuring that the insurance and compliances are well heeded to
  • The in-house legal team deals with Contract Management and ensures that everything is legally compliant
  • Accutor sends invoice for its services; which may be, fixed fee on monthly or annual basis or a onetime fee
Accutor will:
  • Process the paperwork relating to local taxes such as VAT, GST, entitlements, deductions and claims into account, whereby we also ensure maximum employee earnings and the client also saves on overheads, taxes and insurance
  • Transfer the amount to the employee’s nominated bank account within 24 hours of the receipt of funds, making full disclosure on the breakdown of contributions made on monthly basis
  • Liaise with the appointed Financial Consultant who will make payment for pension, social security etc., to the relevant authority 

Personal Service Company Option

Accutor extends its Personal Service Company options to Corporations, for the supply of work force and manage the end to end recruitment services, by providing the following assistance:

  • Manage end to end labour requirements, wherein the suitable candidate/employees are referred by Accutor as per the job specifications. The role can be the one of a “secondary”, contractual, temporary or permanent.
  • The Corporation and Accutor will sign Consultancy Service agreement, agreeing to provide recruitment service and personnel to the corporation
  • Accutor will arrange for the necessary work permit/business visa and sponsorship; while our legal team will ensure other compliances and Contract Management
  • Accutor will send invoices to the client for the completed work and send all the paperwork and calculations pertaining to taxes such as GST, VAT etc., and ensures that the tax guidelines are complied with, and tax management is at it its fullest
  • Transfers full amount to the account of the employee, giving full disclosure on the breakdown of the contributions on monthly basis

Key Benefits of Accutor's Options:

  • Because we offer the three most legally compliant contract structures, you can rest assured that we will advise on the best option for you, without prejudice
  • Because we have a network of Management Companies in 60+ countries and offer rapid work permit & business visa services, Contractors know that they can start an assignment quickly, Recruiters know that we will help to reduce lead times to placement closure and Corporations know that projects will not be delayed due to non - compliance
  • Because we have an in - house team of internationally - experienced Lawyers and tax specialists, Corporations know that statutory requirements are being fulfilled, Recruiters know that processes for their active candidates are taken care of and Contractors know that their time is financially optimized within international law, as well as the laws in the relevant countries/ states
  • Accutor provides the dual benefits of (i) only providing financial and tax solutions that are 100% legally compliant and (ii) confidentiality under Swiss data protection legislation, by virtue of our headquarters, delivery operations and servers being located in Switzerland

Where Can Accutor Provide its Services?


Countries Around the World

Which Option Suits Me?

The option that a Contractor, Recruiter or Corporation should choose depends on:

  • The duration of the contract
  • The statutory requirements of the country in which the services will be delivered by the Contractor
  • The daily or hourly rate
  • The arrangement for expenses, such as flights or accommodation
  • The Contractor's personal circumstances, such as marital status, number of dependents and so on
  • Other factors, such as the Recruitment Agency's or Corporation's requirements, policies and preferences