Management Company for Recruitment Agencies

A Management Service Company is set up on the similar lines of an “Umbrella Company”, but with an intention to provide additional services and streamlining work flow for recruitment agencies, independent contractors and Corporations. Accutor Management Company has been set up with a proposition to provide fast, efficient, tax optimized, legally compliant and fully insured consultative and cost-effective management Company services; thereby, letting the recruiters to stick on to their area of core competence. 

Why Management Company for recruitment agencies?

  • Legal support and taxation assistance by a competent team of in-house lawyers and accountants
  • Transparency in fee structure with full insurance and indemnification
  • Data protection and confidentiality of employee data base
  • Assistance in procuring work permits and visa assistance for the employees

Since Accutor AG is pioneer in payroll management, it offers comprehensive service package to its recruitment in order to manage pay cycles, tax calculations, legal compliances and fund transfers within the agreed pay schedule. This helps reduce costs and eliminates all possibilities of errors that are inherent in documentation and payroll services for companies.

Here’s how it works with Accutor and Recruitment agencies

  • Register with Accutor 
  • Begin or start the recruitment process for the client 
  • Share timesheets with us

Seek services of Accutor in one of the following ways:

  • Raise invoices for companies and collect payment in one of the 60 countries where we have legal entities and payroll expertise
  • Tax management after paying all the local taxes, raising invoices to clients and paying salaries to the team employed by you
  • Deposit the remaining amount to the respective account of recruitment agency
  • Complete and compile all the necessary forms and formalities made by tax authorities
  • Provides valuable back-office solutions to recruitment agencies to manage their businesses

Accutor Management Company and Accutor Recruitment agency Payroll Services

As a part of our Management Company value proposition, Accutor is responsible for managing payroll processes for recruitment agencies

For more information read about Accutor Recruitment Agency Payroll Services

Accutor: Key Benefits for Individual Contractors & Freelancers

  • Less stress and more take - home pay; we look after all processes, whilst optimizing contractor's taxes and contributions
  • Support of an in - house team of lawyers and accountants; a unique offering
  • Transparent fixed fee structure, with full insurance and indemnification included
  • Full confidentiality; as we are a Swiss HQ company, Accutor's employees are all subject to Swiss data protection legislation
  • A dedicated client manager and streamlined processes to ensure rapid payment processing

Since 2008


Increase in the number of Independent Professionals


The Alternative to a Management Company:

In addition to their day job, an independent Contractor's alternative to working through a management company is to:

  • Register and license a legal entity in the country of work for the duration of their contract
  • Raise invoices
  • Collect payments
  • Calculate all taxes and taxable expenses
  • Deduct social security and national insurance contributions
  • And much more!