Immigration Law Consultancy for Recruitment Agencies

Immigration lawyers play a significant role in advising recruitment agencies in matters relating to visa applications, employment for non-citizens and work permit for contractors and individuals. In a highly specialized area where immigration law as well as employment law is binding on individuals seeking jobs in Switzerland or overseas, Accutor is well placed to offer Immigration Law Consultancy for Recruitment agencies. Wherefore, if you are an HR executive or a recruitment agency,

  • that outsources the sourcing and leasing of labour and keen to reduce exposure to risk
  • who wishes to have a trusted partner in providing expert legal advice
  • who is looking for a trusted partner to go about fulfilling processes in accordance with the regulations,

Accutor AG should be on the top of your mind. For, we can fulfill all your immigration and consular requirements that need to be adhered to while migrating to any of countries. Immigration law consultancy is our core competency and has a proven track record of having helped a number of individuals, recruiters and corporations across the globe. 

Some of the advantages of seeking assistance from Accutor include:

(i) The Legal team at Accutor is well versed with the immigration law along with other related braches of law. Therefore we provide first hand information through practical experience and in-depth analysis case to case basis.

(ii) With major focus on overseas employment and expatriate workers, Accutor is geared to handle immigration related issues concerning employment

(iii) Since Accutor has a network of 60+ local companies, sponsorship of work permit application is easier

(iv) Accutor has labour leasing license in several countries. Hence, when it comes to placement of either temporary workers or highly skilled contractors or freelancers, seeking assistance from Accutor is a viable option

(v) Partnerships and liaisoning to ensure prompt work permits and consular services.

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Benefits of Accutor Immigration Law Consultancy

  • In - house immigration lawyer with international experience
  • Focus is Freelance Worker/ Contractor immigration
  • Proven track record of helping EU & Non - EU Corporations, Recruiters & Contractors solve immigration issues
  • Network of local companies to sponsor work permits applications
  • Strong offering for UK - resident Contractors looking to work abroad, based on our consular services and work permit offerings

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