Immigration Law Consultancy for Corporations

Immigration Law Consultancy is of particular importance to growing Corporations, where they have to place their employees in different countries, as well as hire work force from other countries to meet their growing demand for talented workforce. For Corporations seeking to expand their presence in other countries, immigration plays a pivotal role as far as work permit, visa and other consular requirements are concerned. Immigration laws can be daunting since each country has its own immigration rules for which reason, seeking the right advice from immigration lawyers is inevitable in present times. In Switzerland, immigration laws are complex and subject to changes, especially since the referendum in Switzerland has been in favor of restricting immigration that the nation has been witnessing in the recent years.

Accutor AG provides Immigration Law Consultancy for Corporations, serving diverse group of clients including privately held companies, joint stock companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. Our teams of law professionals provide full range of immigration law consultancy and consular services, to Corporations across various sectors that includes immigration consultancy, work permit and visa related matters, immigration –related litigation, as well as regulatory compliance matters particular to immigration law.

Accutor has useful advice and consultancy in immigration law matters for over two decades now. We can assist you with:

  • Assisting Corporations in obtaining work visas for their employees, compile documents and do the necessary paperwork 
  • Advice and consultation to Corporations having difficulties in securing business visa, approvals
  • Fulfilling all the formalities, paperwork and other regulatory requirements
  • Liaison and interact between the immigration officers and resolve discrepancy through effective communication
  • File petition and advise company in compliance with the Swiss 
  • Assist in the company formation and help in setting up the base for their Swiss operations
  • secure residence permit for the owner and assist employees with the employment visa and residence permits

Accutor AG is a pioneer in immigration Law consultancy for Corporations, having presence in over 60 countries. Our legal team comprises of law professionals who are well versed with immigration law as well as other related areas of corporate law. To know more about Accutor’s legal Services for Corporation, Click here

Benefits of Accutor Immigration Law Consultancy

  • In - house immigration lawyer with international experience
  • Focus is Freelance Worker/ Contractor immigration
  • Proven track record of helping EU & Non - EU Corporations, Recruiters & Contractors solve immigration issues
  • Network of local companies to sponsor work permits applications
  • Strong offering for UK - resident Contractors looking to work abroad, based on our consular services and work permit offerings

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