Immigration Law Consultancy for Individuals

Switzerland is one of the chosen destinations for employment having highest immigration rates among the EU countries. Since the Switzerland employment market has witnessed robust growth for nearly a decade or so, it has led to the wave of immigrants migrating into the country for better prospects. However, immigration regulations are complex than thought of, necessitating the need for professional consultants who could assist in resolving immigration issues. 

Accutor AG provides immigration law consultancy to individuals, recruitment agencies and corporations with a proven track record of over 20 years. Our team of lawyers and caseworkers are well informed of the immigration rules and regulations and keep themselves abreast with the changes in immigration law. Hence we ensure prompt, hassle free and efficient service in matters pertaining to permits, visa and immigration. Accutor provides assistance in the following ways in matters of immigration, visa and work permits and consular services.

  • Processing of work permit, visa applications for contractors. It is hassle-free, prompt and efficient without creating a burden of paperwork
  • Strong team of legal professionals specializing in immigration law along with other related branches of law. Hence, in depth study and analysis is possible on case to case basis
  • Accutor has gathered lot of experience in placement of expatriate work force. Thus it can provide hands-on-experience in matters concerning work permit, visa and other immigration issues
  • Accutor has labour leasing licenses for many countries. Hence, immigration and placement of work force is efficient and hassle-free
  • Liaisoning with  regulatory bodies to ensure efficient processing of work permits and consular services
  • Accutor has network with over 60 local companies, as a result of which, employers can sponsor work permit and employ workers from outside EU. 

Accutor is an Umbrella Company that can sponsor work permit for workers from within the EU countries. Our goal is to provide necessary assistance in matters relating to immigration as well as a whole host of other services including legal services, taxation, payroll management etc. that can greatly benefit individuals, recruitment agencies and Corporations alike. 

Benefits of Accutor Immigration Law Consultancy

  • In - house immigration lawyer with international experience
  • Focus is Freelance Worker/ Contractor immigration
  • Proven track record of helping EU & Non - EU Corporations, Recruiters & Contractors solve immigration issues
  • Network of local companies to sponsor work permits applications
  • Strong offering for UK - resident Contractors looking to work abroad, based on our consular services and work permit offerings

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