It is from our 23 global office locations that we service the management company, payroll, legal and immigration needs of professionals and employers in more than 110+ countries:

  1. In countries where licenses are needed, we have them
  2. In situations when rapid on - boarding is required, our streamlined processes ensure there is no delay
  3. When advise and consultation is sought, our team of in - house lawyers and tax specialists stand us apart from the market, because we have the qualifications, proven experience and demonstrable track record of providing valuable assistance globally

Being headquartered in Switzerland means that Accutor, its employees, directors, shareholders and affiliates are all subject to stringent data protection laws, which ensures that our clients' rights and privileges are robustly safeguarded. Indeed, our core operations are also in Switzerland. This means that we are able to tap a highly qualified and internationally experienced workforce, which provides best - in - class solutions. Moreover, Accutor has a core customer service team based primarily in the United Kingdom. This enables us to provide strong account management to customers with primary or significant presence in the UK.

Our clients range from individual freelancers, to groups of co - opting contractors... From small boutique recruitment companies, to large agencies... From small enterprises, to global multi - national corporations. We are experienced across vertical sectors, (discover Accutor Industries Served) with a firm understanding of international rules relating to employment and taxation in specific market segments (for example; employment, expatriate taxation and immigration legislation in net energy exporting economies with workforce nationalisation policies), as well as fully legally compliant financial optimization solutions in verticals with a high proportion of variable pay component (for example, the banking and financial services segment).

With presence in over 110+ countries across the world, Accutor offers tailor-made solutions that are specially designed to benefit individuals and corporations alike, thus ensuring hassle free paper work and processes and financial optimization to our clients.


To be an internationally recognised brand known for providing World - Class services to all of our clients


  • To help our clients to focus on life, work and success, by excitedly managing the critical processes and rules associated with their businesses, services or professions
  • To do our work in an environment of motivated energy and passionate commitment
  • To continuously pursue excellence
  • To make working and partnering with us a true joy


To fulfil our commitments to all stakeholders and society in a spirit of ethical transparency, courteous respect and objective integrity